Saturday, 22 November 2014

Children of the Imperium #1: The Ordo Xenos inquisitor

I enjoy building and painting unique figures, even if I can't game with them.  The 41st millennium has such rich lore, I feel it would be a bit silly not to make a few characters not related to any army in particular.
I hit upon the idea of a small series of miniatures some time back.  "Children of the Imperium" is a showcase of the lesser-thought-of people of Warhammer 40,000.

First in the series is this: An ordo xenos Inquisitor lord in Terminator armour, with power fist and plasma blastgun.

I always wanted to pair a Grey knights terminator front with an ordinary terminator back; this is the result.

I made the cape by rolling out a sheet of greenstuff.  Not very good, but it was my first cape I ever made myself.  The power sword was from another inquisitor model with the handle taken from a nemesis hammer.  The power fist is actually an ordinary Space Marine's, the legs are from the old Dark Angel's veteran sprue and the plasma gun was a chaos one.

I have several other miniatures for this series, so I know I can carry it on if I wish.  Should I do so?


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