Friday, 21 November 2014

Figma Link re-paint

Well, I should be biking up to the gym this morning, but it's raining so very hard, I couldn't get there without getting unnecessarily wet, so I'll put it off to-day.  I don't think missing to-day will be that much harm.
Instead, I want to show a project I recently finished.

I took the Skyward Sword Link figurine by Figma and re-painted it so it was more my style.  His name is "Beregond", which is not a rip-off character, but simply the name I prefer to give him when I play Zelda.  Fortunately, the figurine can come completely to bits without breaking, so I did that to undercoat each part individually.  Remembering he had pink hair on one game, I wasn't sure whether to give him yellow hair or pink, so I made him strawberry blonde.  His eyes I knew I couldn't do without failing dismally, so I covered them with blu-tac when I undercoated the face.

I painted the tunic borders white and added the black cheques with a brush-tip pen.  The gold on the boots was a bit of a pain, but somehow I managed it.

Extensive use of washes here.  It took me a good many hours, but it was fun and I learned a few new things to try on my Space Marines.  I hope I can encourage others to have a go at re-painting.


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