Thursday, 27 November 2014

Two pencil drawings I did of Midna

Okay, I'll admit it, Midna is among my most favorite Legend of Zelda characters of all time; not just because Twilight Princess was my favorite game and not just because she's a twili imp.

Also, she's a major challenge to draw.

I drew the first one several months ago on an A3 page, so I could pack in the detail into the fused shadow.  I always prefer to draw any characters as I remember them, rather than copying from a picture.

The second one was only in my A4-sized art pad, because I'm nervous drawing on anything bigger.  I was disappointed by the fact that the twili you saw in the game were very tall and flowing, but Midna's true form was human-shaped.  I wanted to draw her as I thought she should have looked-- not trying to say mine is better than anyone else's, just how I thought.

That's it for now.  I might slow down a bit on posting now or I might wear myself out too quickly and become bored/angered by the thought of blogging.


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