Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Chapter master complete

My my.  I suppose he was one of those projects you start by a year's worth of fiddling and dry-fitting, and then suddenly you realise you've made him.
I've attempted making The Sagodjur Fjorlag's Chapter master several times before, and either become frightened or daunted, I'm not sure which.

I dug for a bit through my G+ archive to try and find some old attempts; this was all I found.  The power fist Melancholy Requiem and the helmet (a mk7 back then) must have been the first things I ever made for him and they've been floating about in my bitz box since mankind left for the stars...
My first attempt involved a GK body, by the looks of it, that went nowhere; my second attempt used the exalted Khorne champion as a base and eventually turned into something rather terrifying but not quite what I was after.

Ever since I finished my Anacharis scoria kitbash, I've had half a warpsmith sitting in the bottom of the box waiting to see the light, and one day I thought how fun it would be if I made him into a captain.  The pose was certainly lordly, and the chaos markings weren't too hard to remove...

...before I knew it I had an undercoated Chapter master on my desk, complete with a nice display base.  I changed the helmet from a mk7 to a mk4, sort of following Fromthewarp's helmet tutorial.
The paint sort of jumped on all at once and he was finished!

I wrote a bit about him for his Sagolanda page, so please click here for the fluff.   He's also on Flikr too, if you're interested-- I've got a lot of finished work there too.

And that's that!  Wow, that project was over quick.  I'm constantly lamenting about my forgotten skitarii and IK, I must get back to them, I must-!

Bye bye for now.


  1. Love the conversion work, just not a fan of the paint style. Very Blanche and his stuff is hit or miss for me. I think you just end up covering up a lot of your great conversion stuff.

    Also have you thought about making the edge of the bases all black? I think they could really work with your stuff.

    1. I understand your mindset. I admit this isn't the cleanest style I could achieve, but this is my preferred style, particularly with my own chapter. While each unit IS viable as playing pieces, I wouldn't call my style "tabletop quality" either, as from a distance it just looks a mess. But I'm happy with it :)

      I think black would be too stark? There's very little black on the model's palette, and it might draw the eye too much.

  2. Well done. Definitely very chapter masterly.

    I gotta ask, what's with the white splatter?

    1. Thank you! I don't know what's with the splatter, really...
      A while ago I saw it as kicked-up dust in a painting and I thought it looked atmospheric. Like a nebula, for some reason, and now it's just a habit; sort of a "sealing off" step to prevent me from carrying on painting indefinitely.

    2. I was just curious. I figured there was a reason :)