Saturday, 8 October 2016

Dreadtober progress #3: finished by mistake

...I'm sorry everyone.  I've completed my dreadtober model.  I couldn't help myself; but I knew that if I didn't finish painting it in one go I never would.

...Oh well!


So between last post and now I had got most of my Amphis' Bane pattern dread assembled, barring the power fist and back.  I couldn't really finish the back until the very end, because the painted interior slots in from the back and I didn't want that getting undercoated through the mesh... that was when I thought of masking it off. DUH.

So here we are, primed and about as ready as it'll ever be.  I put a multi-melta between the lascannons and a heavy bolter in the hand with the ammo hopper on the side looking all nice.

... I was supposed to take progress photos but forgot, I'm sorry.  So all you get is the completed dread!

The two brothers interred were the first Sagodjur Fjorlag to be seconded to the deathwatch, and relics of that far-gone time still show.

Pretty happy with the way it turned out, I must say.  I was worried the right arm would look silly/overbalanced; it is a bit overbalanced but never mind, I like improbable.

Little screeds of text are drawn on in pencil.  Hopefully they won't wear off too quickly.

I've think I'm not really taking enough pictures for you to get a decent, all-round look at the finished models, so-- get ready-!

Right, confession time.  I used a dreadnought part!  In the form of the wrist/hand/whatever from a power fist, to mount the sprue fingers on.  Oh no, I've failed dismally!  Throw it away, start again.

Not sure if he blasts holes in the enemy tanks before getting into melta range or melts them open first...

And I'm no good at basing.  Still.

The purple trim and the world-tree master rune mark him as part of the 7th company, Thollr.

Come now children, let's go pick ork heads in the field!

Lastly, we have a comparison shot with  venerable Asbjorn (a Casta Ferrum pattern) and an Astartes-!  Forgot he was so huge!  Oh, you know, as a child, this is how big I thought the dreads were supposed to be; I was shorter back then...

So that's that.  From pretty much nothing, I built a monster!  Time for a bit of a break, I think; this burned me out a lot but it was fun all the same!

This was dreadtober, everyone!  Bye bye for now.


  1. That Dread. is pure grim/dark awesome sauce, made from the stewed bones of horror-fed abominations. Bravo!

    1. Thank you! The recipe is a killer, but the result is to die for. My brother's joke.

  2. This will steal the show of dreadtober mate, incredible work!

  3. I'm really liking the caged in area. It's a nice, dark touch. The whole thing came together very well. Great job.

    1. Thanks! It's a recurring theme taken from Silent Hill, I think mostly the first appearance of Valtiel.

  4. That's a really cool, unique looking dread!