Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Commission work: knights into days

 Never actually played that game...  Apparently, it was great fun.

You'd never believe an Imperial knight would take so much work to assemble... in truth, I'm bringing most of this upon myself, aren't I?  I just like to make cool stuff, dammit

Firstly, the house Cadmus knight is  pretty much assembled, sorry I haven't really got around to photos Joe!  You'll be receiving an update presently, I can assure you.

Here's the base for Victory Awaits so far.  I'll be covering it in sand and debris later; I'm going for a daemon-world-circus-maximus-sort-of-arena floor.
What else have I got done on him?  Let's have a look.

Not sure if I've already shown the chain falx yet? It was still on my camera, so I figured I hadn't.

I had a go at sculpting a chaotic arrow, just to see what it'd look like, rolling a thin sausage of greenstuff and smoothing the sides down with the end of a brush...

... I got a little distracted...

...And an entire Dragonland album later, I'd done both shoulder pads.  What I was hoping to achieve was a cross between warped metal and welded-on effects, a branding of sorts by the knight's masters.

The smaller area of the other plates were awkward to work with, so I just ended up doing abstract lines for effect.

After much back-and-forth over shield shapes, I decided to go with rectangular.  I suppose it's a bit ironic, the fact that the base I'm starting with is a toy roman one...

I think I'll put an eye in the shield boss.  That'll be nice.

So here's where I'm up to with Victory Awaits.  He's got all his limbs magnetized, he's got a rocket pod and autocannon magnetized, an extra head magnetized (still puzzling over the thracian bascinet) and all I really need yet to get hold of is a decent swag of skulls to hang about his person and I can call him assembled!  I'll be discussing with the client what kind of paintwork he'll be after.

So what about the third knight?  His working title will be Aldrich until we decide on a proper name, because, as you'll see, "he developed an odd habit of devouring men".

So, for his torn-out carapace infested with bodies, I bent a sheet of plasticard and held it in place with spure; the bodies are held in place by a layer of greenstuff I shaped a bit for interest's sake, not that you can really see it under all the flailing limbs.

There's still some work needing to be done on the bodies themselves; extra limbs and heads need adding, for one.

Also, the pilot who, for some reason, is sticking out the top.  I'll be giving him more human features, along with the remains of a command throne and some clothing.

So here's where I'm up to with Aldrich, and I believe that's that!  I need to keep going, but this pack of night runners are telling me very strongly that I need to continue with the skaven army.  They're not going to paint themselves, don't you know.

Oh, and I've yet to deal with those annoying bolts on the reposed IKs' hips.  I wrote myself a reminder to stick up on the wall so I don't forget:

Mm.  Something I can truly aspire to.  Bye bye for now.


  1. Delightfully creepy! Awesome builds, man!

  2. OMG, Aldrich is gonna be glorious! ;-)

    They all will be off course, just one a bit more.

    1. He will, won't he! I've actually been wanting to make a similar sort of kitbash for a while.

    2. Question related to the green stuff: what can one do to make it not stick to any surface, say the non-painting end of a brush?

    3. A bit of cooking oil on a paper towel ought to be enough to wipe the tool in to keep it from sticking. There are expensive liquids you can buy, or just touch it with your tongue every few seconds :P I know it might sound disgusting but it can't poison you... So long as you didn't super-glue the greenstuff down first!

    4. Cheers, I should be able to manage that :-)

  3. And I mean the nuts ..... Hahaha

  4. You are a bit crazy. Reposing the legs is a feat in its self, but the zombie pit of doom?!?! Fantasic progress

    1. Thanks! Yes, I must admit I am. Just a bit, though.