Thursday, 9 March 2017

Triumvirate of the Primarch: a swift look atwhat you get

Right!  So the Primarch has arrived at the altar!  I just wanted to quickly show you lot what to expect from a box of 180 NZD's worth of plastic and card.  I was in such haste, I even forgot to rotate some of the images... bugger.

So firstly, we get a halfway-decent A4 print for the wall, an instruction book and the goods all displayed nice in a merchandise tray to help justify the price tag.  Though really, I mean THRONE!  This is the first ever plastic Primarch we're talking about!  He'd better arrive in at least a bit of style.

Quick (blurry and not rotated) look at the sprues, what do we get?

... Oh no... it's going to be one of those kits, is it?  For kitbashers like me, this might pose a slight problem, what with having to assemble the figure straight up BEFORE cutting him to pieces.
Never mind, they look pretty nice.  I'll need to have a decent look later.

One thing I'm a bit disappointed with, Cypher's sword... it's in two bits, one being sculpted to his cape and the other to his power pack.  Nothing I can't handle, right?  I just might end up with less fingers than I wanted, no big deal!

Guilliman is no exception to this-- oh, but he's going to be an utter mission to repose!  I'm liking the power fist, though.  It's like a scaled-up Gauntlet of Ultramar, nice homage.

Here are their rules too, until someone in an official hat finds out and shuts my blog down because of it.

So that's that!  Just wanted to get them out there for you lot to look at.  I won't be assembling anyone at all soon, of course-- I've got knights to build and skaven to paint, but once that's all cleared up... we'll have to see. Tossing about some ideas for Mr Guilliman-- I've got a Grotesque and two kastelans on the way for that purpose....

Hee hee, bye bye for now.

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