Sunday, 5 March 2017

Commission work: KNIGHTS TO AFRICA

Feeling rather miserable today, sorry, but I'll try and keep it cheerful for the post.

Smiles :D

Right, so you can see three Imperial Knight torsos on the altar tonight, can you?  Very good!  Joseph, a previous client would like a reposing job done, and the chap for whom I'm painting the skaven force wishes me to make him two-- not sure how many (hundred) times I've brought it up, but I will continue to do so because, believe me-- it's a big thing!

The first one will be simple enough-- a sort of Nurgley one with corpses spewing out of the top, other than that it should be pretty straightforward.  You see the IK torso in the right of the top picture with a big ugly white thing showing through the broken canopy, that's where I'm up to so far with him.

Copyright to whoever owns this image
What won't be straightforward-- and for good reason!-- is the Thracian, a gladiator-esque renegade knight gallant.  I've got to calling him Victory Awaits until the client settles on a proper title.
RIGHT!  The most prominent features, let's see-- bubble helmet, I'm still fiddling with what I've got to see what'd work: curved sword (with the edge on the INSIDE like a falx): I've got armour panels for the right arm (all lined up beside the corpse-cart torso)... and I'm not sure on a square or circular shield for the thunderstrike gauntlet?  I think round is more iconic, but square is less cliched, so... still undecided.

So here we are, beginning work on the chainsword; a bit rough at the moment, but we'll get there.  The engine housing is covered in panels off the Chaos chariot.

I had an idea for the mask: seeing as the client is going to run it as a renegade, he might want something a bit more Chaotic to swap out for the down-and-out traitor look, magnetized and everything.  This faceplate is, again, from the Chaos chariot-- oh, if you're building a traitor IK, do yourself a favour and get one!  The amount of useful bits in there is surprising!

F'rinstance, there's these two panels that make fabulous chest-pieces, with minimal filling required.  I think I'll use the one on the right this time.

The story of Victory Awaits goes thus:, he's a prisoner on a daemon world, and he has to keep himself alive by serving time in the circus, fighting daemons and other knights to earn the right to live and one day his freedom.  His armour and thermal reactor has become warped, but he does not worship the Chaos gods... yet.

(Also, the extra carapaces from the carnifex work well, except not for the Thracian... )

What also might be unsuitable-- and impractical-- and awfully cool if I pull it off!-- is making him a cape out of all these shields I've had no other use for.  I should magnetize it as well, to make transport easier.

The third knight is for Joseph.  He's wanting a knight Gallant as well, a house Cadmus one with an interior and put in a pretty dynamic and not very easy-to-make pose, if you ask me.  Oh well!  Exercises in patience!  I need those.

Lastly, if I get the time, Reprisal of Sanction will be getting a little bit of attention if I find the time.  The younger brother of the White Rose has been waiting to be finished for about a year now, but there's too much on at the moment to devote more than a few minutes a day to him, not to mention being depressed again...

So that's that.  Four knights on the altar!  What more can I say?  I just hope something good might come of this... madness I've found myself in at the moment.  Sorry to bring this up on the blog, but it's just monumental and I felt the need to bookmark it in history.
Let's just say, the Lonely Kitbasher may well walk alone forever...

Bye bye for now.

Oh, baby, please think about this...


  1. Nice work! Building a Knight was tough enough for me, so fair play for converting and re-posing it!

    1. Thanks! I reckon I'll be an expert after this. I must say, putting heads and masks on them is a new experience for me ;)

  2. I still have two knights in my closet of doom that need building and here you are converting three of them! I like the changes so far D, that cloak of shields is going to look epic

    1. My only regret is that none of them are mine! No, it's all great fun, I don't think I'd get this variety is they were my own.