Saturday, 27 December 2014

Assembling/converting a Stormtalon part 2

After a break over that time period people call Christmas, I returned to the Stormtalon I started a week ago.

I painted the pilot first before any major assembling.  To prevent the spray can painting the outside by mistake, I used copious amounts of blu-tac.
The pilot isn't glued in at this point, making the whole thing much less of a pain to paint.

The Company icon was a World-tree charm I found at a little shop in town that sold incense and hippy clothes.

I decided upon lascannons, and for the sake of being different, I used Razorback ones.  I might use the originals for something else...

Ah yes, observe; if you want the engines to rotate, you need to shave quite a bit off the axle, otherwise it ends up far too tight.

Here's the painted Techmarine.  Note that I still haven't glued the engines into place yet.  I will do that when I come to paint it, BUT-- I found out this morning my white can is empty, and I won't be ordering again for a long time because I've spent too much this month anyway!

So I have to be content with an unpainted Stormtalon until, what, next month... Oh well.  It looks a lot more menacing than my first one.

And that's that.  What more can I say.  A converted Stormtalon.


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