Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Technical paints-!!

I am meant to be saving up my hobby money for a Forge World Thunderhawk gunship, but if you've seen it (observe here -- this might not work, it's my first try at putting a link into a post), you'll realise why I've become a little disheartened at the whole thing.  What, with needing money to live aside, my motorcycle's registration is due in January; that sort of thing.

So for some reason, I decided to order some things from Games Workshop-- ordered a week ago, they arrived yesterday, and this is what I got.

Don't ask me why this picture wouldn't rotate for me...
A stormtalon, really only to make the order above $100, which would make shipping free.  I know I could have really chosen any thing, but I knew I particularly wanted a stormtalon--


THESE-!!  This was the main reason I wanted to order.  I don't know why I never tried technical paints before, but  they are incredible!

Nihilakah oxide is probably my favorite, seeing as i like painting everything bronze.  My technique is not fantastic, true, but I hope to improve.

And Blood for the blood god actually paints like real blood-- except it keeps the sticky, gloss look when it dries!  Yes, I have painted with real blood before, so I know how it works.  The technical paint doesn't dry as such, it seems to coagulate rather.

And I haven't tried Typhus corrosion yet-- I'm not painting anything big enough-- but I presume it's just as good.

Praise Throne for technical paints!  If you paint your miniatures, and you haven't tried them, do; you really don't know what you are missing out on, at least, I didn't until yesterday.


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