Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sagodjur Fjorlag assault squad

This last while, it has been raining non-stop and as much as I wont to take my motorcycle out for a drive, I've been compelled to remain indoors for the best part of my time; so I put the finishing touches on an assault squad that has taken me about a month to paint.

Not a ridiculously good shot...
Unlike it's primogenitor Chapter the Imperial Fists, the Sagodjur Fjorlag rely on air assault above all other forms of combat; to the extent that they will only ever have one Land Raider and no Thunderfire cannons whatsoever, among other things.  There is a story that goes behind it, but it's so awfully long and I doubt anyone would be interested, anyway.

The sergeant I gave a grav-pistol, a power sword, an auspex and a mallet which has no effect on his stats but is a valuable part of his story.  I also used legs from two different pieces, and gave him the Lord Executioner's arm.

Hand flamer!  All hail the hand flamer!

The 7th company is known by several names; Thollr, Yggrdrasill, the Horse of the Terror, the hangmen.  The only tactical company in the entire Chapter, they are greatly honored and bear the master rune of the Chapter Master in place of Chapter badge.  It is the responsibility of each brother to maintain his own suit of power armour, and he paints the rune himself.

This brother has a Grey Knights helmet; I feel too insignificant and lowly to collect such awe-inspiring miniatures, but I love the kits so much I can't help but include fragments of armour into my figures.  My excuse for this is that the Inquisition, worried for the well-being of such a psychicly-orientated Chapter, will on occasion give the Fate Gryphons gifts of Grey Knights helmets or other pieces or armour.  The Chapter know nothing of the Grey Knights-- if they ever did see them, they were doubtless mind-wiped-- but they are thankful nonetheless of the gifts.
You see, if you really want to include something in your army, so long as it's not too ludicrous, you need to put a decent story behind it to make it convincing.

I tried to replicate the over-and-under firing pose I've seen gunmen like Beyond the Grave and Vash the Stampede do, but they aren't wearing 600 pounds of power armour, so the pose didn't quite work out...

In the ancient history of the Chapter's late homeworld, there were tales of warriors who rode on the backs of gryphons and bore double-ended halberds called kaesias into battle.  That weapon was replicated in chain-blade form.
I based this off Dead Rising's paddlesaw.  Even if it was not the most effective by a long shot, it was my favorite weapon over all.

And that's it, I suppose.  I thought I had finished them, until I bought the technical paints not long ago.  Blood for the Blood god certainly helped the brutal melee look.  That's all for now.


Next squad...

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