Sunday 23 October 2016

Hobby update: back to the admech... in a minute

Got a lot on the altar at the moment that I'm slowly chewing through, a thousand nice little projects that are so numerous they get hardly any attention; Throne, what a terrible habit to get into!  Coupled with the dilemma of real life and work, but I'm not here to complain to you-!  I'm getting straight back into my skitarii!

... Right after I finish these BA terminators.  I'm using the IK foreheads as pauldrons, as I like to think they give a classic tactical dreadnought silhouette.

You might be wondering why the pobble on the right has no toes.  That's because Sigmarine feet are pointy, and terminators' aren't-- so I'll be replacing them.

I'm having a shot at using metal for capes/cloth, bending it around with needle-nose pliers and cutting myself to bits in the process.  It'll still want tidying up with greenstuff afterwards, though.

Ah yes, here's the WiP transuranic arquebus, me having fun with turning it into a diorama.  I've also got an idea or two for a techpriest dominus, should I eventually pick up some cult admech...

...Using this.

I'm also scratch-building (if that's what you call it) a sister of battle, just to see if I can't.
Kirsten over at Stepping between Games has had a breakdown of her silver GD winner featured, and the amount of greenstuff work on that seraphim amazed me, enough at least to have a go at one myself.

Not sure where I'm going with the jump pack at the moment, we shall have to see...

As far as painting goes, I haven't been.  I'm sorry.  Apart from what you've seen on Flikr and a few drawings my brush has been quite still for some time.  Better get another can of white primer soon...

So that's that!  I'm getting straight back into my admech, yes, I've just got a few things to finish first.
 Hee hee, you all know where that'll end up...

Bye bye for now.



 Ten things I hate about GW

Because I'm canonically obliged to hate them.

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Chapter master complete

My my.  I suppose he was one of those projects you start by a year's worth of fiddling and dry-fitting, and then suddenly you realise you've made him.
I've attempted making The Sagodjur Fjorlag's Chapter master several times before, and either become frightened or daunted, I'm not sure which.

I dug for a bit through my G+ archive to try and find some old attempts; this was all I found.  The power fist Melancholy Requiem and the helmet (a mk7 back then) must have been the first things I ever made for him and they've been floating about in my bitz box since mankind left for the stars...
My first attempt involved a GK body, by the looks of it, that went nowhere; my second attempt used the exalted Khorne champion as a base and eventually turned into something rather terrifying but not quite what I was after.

Ever since I finished my Anacharis scoria kitbash, I've had half a warpsmith sitting in the bottom of the box waiting to see the light, and one day I thought how fun it would be if I made him into a captain.  The pose was certainly lordly, and the chaos markings weren't too hard to remove...

...before I knew it I had an undercoated Chapter master on my desk, complete with a nice display base.  I changed the helmet from a mk7 to a mk4, sort of following Fromthewarp's helmet tutorial.
The paint sort of jumped on all at once and he was finished!

I wrote a bit about him for his Sagolanda page, so please click here for the fluff.   He's also on Flikr too, if you're interested-- I've got a lot of finished work there too.

And that's that!  Wow, that project was over quick.  I'm constantly lamenting about my forgotten skitarii and IK, I must get back to them, I must-!

Bye bye for now.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

I bought a box of Sigmarines for ten dollars

Yes.  Yes I did.

I went into town to-day to pick up a painting and buy some more superglue.  The hobby shop closed down, sadly (NOT the game shop, to differentiate)  but I found out from the framers that the glues and things were still being sold by A Very Nice Shop called English Bob's,  a UK import shop generally specializing in sweets and whatever you'll find on their website.

I found my usual cyanoacrilate and the Shop commented on how expensive it was.  I said I was used to expensive and mentioned I did GW.  He then said he had tried to stock GW, but he was going to have to get it in dearer than usual so it wasn't worth it-- he then produced a box of AoS Liberators and said he would sell it to me for ten dollars to get it off his hands.

I said "Yes please" and smiled, but inwardly I flipped my shit.




That's 5.80 pounds sterling or 7 US bucks.  My pot of glue was more expensive than the sigmarines!

And here's proof they weren't recasts! 

Thank you for letting me share this;  I'm sorry I'm blowing my trumpet a bit, but I've never had this happen to me before, and it's so awfully exciting!  And thank you very much, Bob-- I'm sure that's not you name-- you definitely made my day, and I'll make very sure I return some time!

Bye bye for now.

Saturday 8 October 2016

Dreadtober progress #3: finished by mistake

...I'm sorry everyone.  I've completed my dreadtober model.  I couldn't help myself; but I knew that if I didn't finish painting it in one go I never would.

...Oh well!


So between last post and now I had got most of my Amphis' Bane pattern dread assembled, barring the power fist and back.  I couldn't really finish the back until the very end, because the painted interior slots in from the back and I didn't want that getting undercoated through the mesh... that was when I thought of masking it off. DUH.

So here we are, primed and about as ready as it'll ever be.  I put a multi-melta between the lascannons and a heavy bolter in the hand with the ammo hopper on the side looking all nice.

... I was supposed to take progress photos but forgot, I'm sorry.  So all you get is the completed dread!

The two brothers interred were the first Sagodjur Fjorlag to be seconded to the deathwatch, and relics of that far-gone time still show.

Pretty happy with the way it turned out, I must say.  I was worried the right arm would look silly/overbalanced; it is a bit overbalanced but never mind, I like improbable.

Little screeds of text are drawn on in pencil.  Hopefully they won't wear off too quickly.

I've think I'm not really taking enough pictures for you to get a decent, all-round look at the finished models, so-- get ready-!

Right, confession time.  I used a dreadnought part!  In the form of the wrist/hand/whatever from a power fist, to mount the sprue fingers on.  Oh no, I've failed dismally!  Throw it away, start again.

Not sure if he blasts holes in the enemy tanks before getting into melta range or melts them open first...

And I'm no good at basing.  Still.

The purple trim and the world-tree master rune mark him as part of the 7th company, Thollr.

Come now children, let's go pick ork heads in the field!

Lastly, we have a comparison shot with  venerable Asbjorn (a Casta Ferrum pattern) and an Astartes-!  Forgot he was so huge!  Oh, you know, as a child, this is how big I thought the dreads were supposed to be; I was shorter back then...

So that's that.  From pretty much nothing, I built a monster!  Time for a bit of a break, I think; this burned me out a lot but it was fun all the same!

This was dreadtober, everyone!  Bye bye for now.

Thursday 6 October 2016

Sagolanda: the official Sagodjur Fjorlag encyclopaedia

There we are.  With a banner and everything.

Bit of a short post to-day, more of an announcement I suppose;  I've decided that there was too much fluff in my own twisted little world of 40k to keep to myself and I would like to share it with you...
So, inspired by a fellow blogger, I decided to have a go at turning my blog into a bit of a wiki of sorts for the machinations of my hobby; namely my chapter (hence the name) and perhaps the knight house Silenzi at a later stage.  I've got a few pages underway, and it's all a bit of a mess right now, sorry.  I'll be adding information as it comes to me, please forgive the incompleteness.

I've added in a rather too inconspicuous button in the sidebar to go to the general overview page-- it's underneath the "featured post" thing-- or you can click this link to go there too.

Hope you enjoy what fluff I can provide, and please check back later when I've got some more content!

Bye bye for now.