Saturday 28 March 2015

Assembling/converting a razorback part 1

I've been posting progress on this project on G+ as it happened, and I decided to make a blog post of it.
Okay-- let's see, r'member that razorback turret I made?  I finally summoned up enough courage to make the APC to go with it.  At the first, all I knew I wanted was a personal transport for my 7th Captain, Thunraz the gallows-lord.

If you haven't noticed already, I take much inspiration from the work of Konami's team Silent, the Otherworld in particular.  All the rust and blood, the hurricane fencing and everything...
I started by gutting out the APC; took out the floor and seating.  I decided that the fencing would go right angles as opposed to diagonal, which hurricane fencing does; I thought it looked just that little more Imperial.
The door and windshield were not exempt from my torture

I left out the wall that separated the troop bay from what was once the cab, replaced it with more fencing-- leaving the cogitator and the enshelved bolter.  The lights, I decided not to use.

I tried to emulate ceramic tiles with greenstuff; it was most difficult.

The only boltguns I had left that still have their handles are chaos ones, but oh well.

The next thing I did was remove one wall, and put in something resembling a door mechanism.

The engine-- or at least, what I like to thing ought to pass as one-- was not easy to assemble, for I did not know what to use where.  There's bits from an assault drill, a dreadnought's grapple-whip and a piece from the Aquila strongpoint. I made a little cog mechanicum out of a piece of grapple-whip and a skull from the top of a Grey Knights icon.  The holy man's bones are to keep the engine's spirit pacified.

With the other panel on.

In place of a cab/cockpit/whatever, I decided to leave the space empty, or fairly empty.  I hacked another piece out of the strongpoint again, this time a textured piece of floor.

I then decided the space would be an interrogation chamber.  The victim is cast in through the hatch and is left there.  We see bits of cultist, bone and Necron-- though I believe the latter was only imprisoned for sport.

I could imagine the chaplain approaching the cultist leader as he awakens.
"Hello, heretic whelp. I want to play a game."
No, seriously, I had a game set up for him to play.  He had an empty autopistol, was forced to dig around in his arm to find the bullet.  He then had a choice; would he shoot the key and free himself, or has revenge and hate clouded his mind so much that he would instinctively shoot the chaplain?

There's the key
Obviously, the cultist said something that angered the chaplain, who aborted the game early by bisecting his victim.

Last step was string wires all over the place, just to be messy.

And that's that.  My command APC; so far so good.  Second part will possibly be painting.


Parting shot-- the Emperor may protect,but don't expect Him to watch you as if you were a toddler.

Monday 23 March 2015

Anime girl from the 41st Millennium

First thing, I realized I haven't posted here for some time.  Whoops.  Second thing, I had been working on this project some time last year and left it for ages, to return to it much, much later.

Once upon a time, there was a toy museum in Nelson and I used to go there often.  One day, in the shop at the front, I found this odd-looking figurine which I thought may have been from something interesting, so I bought it.  Okay, I'll admit it now; I am mildly interested in Shojo manga, but only a select few.
Later on I found out this figurine was nothing more than a Sailor Moon bootleg.  Observe an image of the unopened set:

After I found this out, I decided I could do whatever I wished to the figure.  And I did.

A lot of cut fingers later and half a roll of greenstuff, and then however long it took to paint, I ended up with this.  I think she may be an Inquisitor's apprentice or something.

I went to town with Blood for the blood god... The parts are taken from so many kits, I've forgotten a lot of them.  The gloves are power fists, I remember that-- the string of bullets is from a cultist's heavy stubber, the tabard is a back banner... I used a lot of pauldrons...

I was very pleased with the bolter.  The most part is from a centurion's heavy bolter, with the front off a stormtalon's and a tomb kings sword for a bayonet.  Oh, and a Grey knight's incinerator on the other side.

So that's that.  How anime is going to look in the dark millennium.
More interesting than anything out there now, at least in my opinion.


Saturday 7 March 2015

Converted Razorback turret... just the turret

Well, this was hard.  I decided to make a personal transport for Lord Thunraz, my 7th captain.  All I had that was actually from the Razorback kit to work from was the lascannons.

Some of my followers will remember this picture-- A while ago I promised to make a Razorback turret out of these bitz.  I managed to incorporate most of them in.

... The first step, I guess.  I cut some pieces out of the buttresses from the Aquila strongpoint and shaved down a pair of-- of those things, what are they called, grapplewhips-- from the Furioso dreadnought.  I filled in behind the lascannons which I suppose was a bit silly but oh well.

I'm such a scrooge, I shaved the purity seal off before using the icon.  You wouldn't have been able to see it, at any rate...

Observe how I filled in around the mounts.

I wasn't sure how to fill in underneath-- I looked under my desk and found a discarded film canister with a broken lid, snapped in exactly the right place-- I didn't have to cut it.
Observe also the state of my desk...
 While I was making this, I suddenly had the idea of using it on a land raider-- but then that wouldn't work.  The Chapter only has one Land raider, and that's a Proteus, so scratch that idea.

Techmarine Hjuki drives and fires the APC from the turret, along with maintaining contact with every other APC in the battle , so I stuck him full of interface wires to emphasize his control.  I wanted gauntlets, but the only straight arm I could find was from a possessed kit, so that took a lot of cleaning up.  The other arm is from half of a pair from the Chaos tank gunner.

Confidence mistaken for remiss

I carved up a pauldron with a cogwheel trim, but it didn't fit and I had to leave it off.  Observe where I put the purity seal from the icon; also, the hand is from the master of marches kit.

I was quire pleased with this, even though all the work I did was glue the two bits together...  A combination of the Cog Mechanicum and the 7th company badge.  I'm not sure what to do with this now.

My first foray into magnetizing miniatures.  The magnets are so weak it's unbelievable; but they were sitting around and they fitted in the hole, so, yeah.

Aaaand I outdid myself on the lascannons.  I tried to make the the ends of the wings look more like eagle/gryphon heads.

 And that's that.  Note the cannons are blu-tacked at this point.  Upon completion I sat back to look at it and thought, Now I'll have to make a Razorback to do the turret justice...
But that'll come later.