Wednesday 27 September 2017

Miniatures for sale!

Yes!  I'm selling some of my single figures!  Money is in requite, so sadly these chaps have to go to a new forever home, so to speak.  I've got a rather major real-life occurrence on the horizon-- one I'd rather not disclose, save that it soaks up a LOT of money-- and so, yeah... here we are.

If you're wondering why they're all here, and not ebay (or Trademe, being the NZ equiv), is that I wanted you 'orrible lot to get first dibs if you're interested-- also, I don't actually have a seller's account on ebay!
All prices will be presented in NZD, so when you go and convert it into your own native currency you can be happy at the value your dollar has!

If anything catches the eye, contact me via @ lonely.kitbasher at yahoo dot com, and we can discuss from there all you wish: payments via paypal will be made to the same address.  Also, if you want anything tweaked or painted or whatever you wish, contact me anyway!

I'll keep this post handy, and if anything gets sold I'll whip it off so that you're not potentially disappointed.

Right, here we are:

 True Scale Lone wolf

A jolly nice addition to an Inq24 force.  Unpainted.


 Inquisitor with bolt pistol and xenos blade

Poor haggard fellow.  Undercoated white.



 Necron lord with resurrection orb

An interesting centrepiece and a colour scheme for a particularly grim-looking force.  Painted.


Tzeentch helbrute

One of those!  Unpainted.


 Blood Angels Chaplain 

An Angels Encarmine chaplain based on Lemartes. Painted.

50 NZD

 Imperial Gurad Commissar

Why did I give him a hand flamer?  Painted.


 True scale Dark Angel

Another Inq28 character?  Painted.


Kharn the Betrayer

Regrettably putting him up for grabs.  I love this little bugger, but I sort of need the money too... Painted.

90NZD   See how willing I am to sell him!  *sarcasm

Death Guard biker

What a white rapper.  I really should turn that pistol around.  Unpainted.


True scale Grey Knight Captain

Another difficult fellow to let go, alas.  Painted.


True scale Blood Angel

Just a vanilla Blood Angel, with heavy flamer and a lot of guitar wire.  Unpainted.


Sister Seraphim with plasma pistol and chainsword

Should compliment Celestine nicely.  Unpainted.


Blood Angels successors

A sergeant, 6 brethren and an apothecary.  Painted.  Be sure to ask about my unpainted chaps too; I've got an assault squad and some more tactical marines!

80NZD for the swag

3 Harlequins

Very slightly kitbashed.  one's painted, the other two are primed.



Inquisitrix with bolt pistols

Inspired by Bayonetta-- obviously.



So that's that!  Remember, lonely.kitbasher at yahooo dot com!  I would beg you to buy, but that's be stupid.

I'll just leave you knowing that deep down, you really do want that one, that particular one... hee hee, don't you?

Bye bye for now.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

I finished a second Amphis' Bane dread today...

It was a complete accident, I assure you.  He's been sitting there in a state of semi-assembly since the last Dreadtober.  My last Amphis' Bane got me so psyched I had started on another immediately; that was before the commission work began.

So for a WHOLE YEAR he's been sitting looking like this.
But today being my day off Real Life work, and my brushes are so cruddy right now I can't possibly do any decent detail work done on my commissions, I apparently decided to spend the entire day working on this fellow--fellows?-- remembering the Amphis' gimmick is that there are twin brothers interred within.

Folks on G+ would recognise these pictures I put up just this morning:

The completed assembly.  This chap is going to be a titan killer, by the looks of him.  Twin-linked lascannon with plasma cannon sidearm on his right, and an I-Don't-Bloody-Know-What with a storm bolter sponson for giggles.

And now it's evening and the sun's just vanished over the mountains, he's complete!  I dashed outside during a dry spell and snapped off these pictures while I still had some daylight.  Here we go!

Looking at that storm bolter, I can't help but think of a certain fish...

A particularly exotic piece of plasma array, the Gothic pattern plasma heavy polybolos, initially designed for use as pintle-mounted defence on starships during the great crusade.  This particular piece was found within the Space hulk the Sagodjur Fjorlag later adopted as their home "world".

This icon is possibly the single most expensive piece I have ever bought for a model.  Solid sterling silver, and it was $40.  I love making myself poor, obviously...  No, this is actually a zodiac icon-- Virgo to be exact, which happens to be my own sign.  I know gemini would have been more fitting though.

And here we have him with my first one...

And once again, a group shot!  Hmm, just realised how dread-focused my army's gotten.


Throne, I'd awfully like to get this design to Games Workshop somehow.  I don't care if they steal it, just as long as they steal it 100%; that being. they acknowledge the pattern's mechanics and all that.  I suppose with the release of the Primarine dread they wouldn't be too interested...  Ah well!

Bye bye for now.