Friday 1 December 2017

Commission work: an orky something...

That was a thing.  This time around is an Orky Spidery Tank.

Being based in NZ, I wanted to sort of go with an Australasian  spider; in the end I chose the swift ground spider as shiny black would go well with muddy yellow.

Melting extra sprue like solder certainly helped when connecting tank to animal.  You might not believe it but this thing's put together like a rock!  Which is a Very Good thing...

Yes, it's a breech-loading cannon that takes rockkits.  Go soo me, ya git.

But it's secretly a muzzle-loader too.  Or maybe the little squint's just cleaning... wait, do grots have mental capacity to clean?

Lots of 'ardcoat.

And that's that!  Thanks for stopping by.

Bye bye for now.