Sagodjur Fjorlag: general overview

Doom Gryphons, the Dream Seekers

 Founding: 2nd
Standing: Loyalist
Primarch: Rogal Dorn
Successors of: VIIth legion
Successor Chapters: ++data pending++ 
Heraldry: Or, thereon a Sable pale
Chpater Master: Wuotan Crowback
Warcry: "On wings of blood and rust I fly"


To the ignorant mind, and still to thousands of unenlightened scribe-adepts, the late Sagodjur Fjorlag were founded in the cursed 13th founding, where the only other chapters formed during this time were the Death Scythes and the corrupted Crimson slaughterers.  This had been believed since the time the so-called “gryphon mutation” came to the attention of the Inquisition, who had previously ignored this strange chapter within its system so far from the light of the Astronomican.

Chapter homeworld (goto main page: Nastrond)

Render of pre-heresy Nastrond

Many now know of the fantasy world of Nastrond; of the brutal sky-tribes and corpse-hunters, and how the Sagodjur Fjorlag built their first fortress-monastery there.

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The space hulk the Nastrond

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 The Nastrondites

The few people who survived the ravages of time and bitter warfare were those whose clans had fled deep into the mountains beneath the surface of Nastrond.  Small, pale-skinned people, cut off from the rest of the Imperium since the age of Strife, they had gone back to living in feudal clans and divided their subterranean lands into kingdoms and provinces, defending themselves with long-barrelled bolt rifles and elegant, double-ended halberds called k√¶sias. Their dark hair was worn loose and long and they wore tartans and dyed their armour ochre; painting runes across the plate and tattooing sheets of scripture across their bodies, they certainly had the appearance to match their fierce temperament.  Their pointed ears were very, very acute-- as were their eyes, and staunch belief in their highland gods brought them some trouble when the Imperium finally came to Nastrond during the great crusade.
A nastrondite couple with their Astartes son

The latter years of the Horus Heresy saw the Imperial Fists leaving Nastrond's system to join Rogal Dorn in the defence of holy Terra, leaving behind the local-born Astartes-- now most of an assault company-- to stand guard.  The Sagodjur Fjorlag-- as they named themselves, though acknowledging the sense in the heraldry used by the Imperial forces, developed their own iconography and organisation to better suit their own taste.  At that time, their armour was yellow with a dark grey blaze that divided their legs in half, reminiscent of the habit worn by the warrior-monks of Nastrond ancient history.

This wasn't to say the war across the Nastrond system was ended, though, and as time passed with no outside contact, the thinning numbers of the Sago Astartes began to despair.  So desperate were they in the matter of gene-seed that they would culture the gene-seed zygotes in the bodies of their gryphons to implant into new aspirants.  While at the time it caused no problems and actually seemed a good idea, the flaws of the VIIth's gene-stock was about to be unlocked with Dorn's visions of darkness, and the Sago Astartes would find their actions regrettable...

    Chapter Organisation

The Sagodjur Fjorlag consisted of eight companies for the greater part of their history, though once they had nine.
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Reclusam, the gryphon's body
Alheilagr, chief priest

Librarius, the gryphon's soul
Fimbulthur Niflgugnin, Allfather miscast

Apothecarion; the gryphon's nest
Brother Frosti the apothecary 

1st: Elite; The gryphon’s head
Lord Kleitos

2nd: Assault; The gryphon’s wings
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3rd: Assault; the Blotfjord
 Lord Baldr, the sordid crane and master of the rites

4th: Assault; the Himinfjord
++data pending++ 

6th: Devastator; the gryphon’s talons
++data pending++ 

7th: Tactical; Thollr, the executioners, Yggrdrasill
Lord Thunraz, hollow giraffe and master of executions

8th: ++data expunged++

9th: Choir; The gryphon’s tongue
++data pending++ 

10th: Aspirants; The gryphon’s sons
Chaplain Strandvaskere, master of recruits

Recruitment process

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    Chapter Beliefs

In spite of appearances, a Sago Astartes is not in the least secretive, nor is the fortress-monastery withheld from the lay folk.  Any Nastrondite pilgrim is welcome within the cold iron gates, though few there are who choose to travel there.

While yes, they do believe in a divine Emperor and revere their primogenitor-primarch and his teachings, the Sagodjur Fjorlag has been accused on many occasions as traitorous-- and they have come awfully close to being officially labelled Excommunicate Tratoris by those important enough to bear that authority.

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