Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tramp up Mt Duppa

Well, it wasn't exactly a tramp, more of a walk, a stroll, a jaunt-- that sort of thing.

Last night my friend Colin asked me if I wanted to go on a tramp the next morning, I of course agreed.  An elder from our church would be joining us also, which was nice.
We went up Mt Duppa, which is here, accessed via a forestry track off the highway that traverses the whangamoas.

The actual time spent walking was only about three-and-a-half hours all up; two going up and one-and-a-half on the way down.  It was described as "short and steep", and indeed, it was.

We found a stone giant either dead or sleeping.  We did not disturb him.

Also, we came across some glyph of one sort or another.  Note that I'm only uploading photos of interest.

The summit was a little hard to discern at first; there was a trig point, but there was an area higher.  But that sometimes happens.

And amid all that blue, I think I saw Mt Egmont.

Always with the hobby in mind, I picked up some stones for basing purposes on the summit.Just to make my force that bit more personal-- as if it needed further personalizing, but I have just learnt the value in basing your heroes/commanders higher than your troops.  Before recently, it never registered in my mind.

that's that.  Mt Duppa.  Very enjoyable.


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