Wednesday 22 July 2015

Imperial Knight finished!

The White Rose, knight paladin of Lady Fransicique Alegrithi Banquo under loyalist house Silenzi, is finally finished after many, many weeks of labour.  Showcase time, everyone!

Throne of Earth, but it has been an incredible experience!  I learnt a good many new techniques with conversion and the tech paints-- I've quite fallen in love with some that I otherwise wouldn't have bought, Ryza rust for one, and martian ironearth.

The tilt shield was a favorite sub-assembly


Poor bastard
The widow Banquo herself; I believe you met her in a previous post

I have actually forgotten how long it's taken me, but know this, I DON'T CARE I'm still buzzing from it's completion.  A big thankyou to the 40k G+ community for the nice things said during this project-- twice I fell into depression, and twice I picked myself up and pushed on.

The last part of assembly; magnets were going to be far too weak
...Now I've finished that, what next, I wonder.  I should get on to finishing that razorback.  I suppose we'll have to wait and see, won't we?



  1. My God. I thought those first few pictures were concept art. I was like "Where is the finished product??" UNBELIEVABLE!!

  2. Has a great 'John Blanche' feeling to it

  3. I like the atmosphere of this work, realy depressive, sinister and mad. Lustmord could be soundtrack for it. This artefact can inspire me for something big. Best regards. Kirill