Thursday, 11 June 2015

And a most general hobby update


This I believe will be my last post for at least a good while I'm sure; painting has begun on the white rose and she is demanding much of my hobby time.  This may be the first big project I actually finish, and I must say, it is exciting.

a spot of 'ardcoat once the black wash is dry and onto the text

ALSO my GW order arrived to-day-- yesterday, actually-- I find more excitement in ordering from my local and driving in to pick it up, even if it does cost more.  I bought two technical paints...

...and two beastmen gor herds.  'twas a little foolish, I'm sure, but this is going to be my long-term project... Very-Long-term... as in, Second-To-The-Thunderhawk-Long-Term.  With the shameful shamblers I got last time I will be building up a great herd of Nurgley beastmen.

beginnings of the test model
This is the first time I ever sculpted chain-mail loincloth; it ended up more of a mangy pelt than anything, my tool must be too big.

And that's it.  A most general hobby update indeed.


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