Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hobby Update: plans of doing comissions...?

Since the buzz of dreadtober, I haven't been getting much finished-- that's because I've started SO MANY BLOODY PROJECTS and I'm working on them all at once, fool that I am!  Aside from finishing new game+ on Dead Space 2 and Legion by Dan Abnett-- Throne, what a ride that was!-- and trying my hardest to wap my head around HTML, the rest of my free time has been spent at the alter of the scalpel.  Why?

I'm thinking about setting up a commissions webpage.  Painting will be a thing, but more importantly is the kitbashing.  You can ask me for anything-- daemons, flyers, Primarchs, anything!-- and I will create all you desire, for a price.

It's not going to be much, just a page or two with some drop-downs and a bunch of photos, nothing too presumptuous, I hope.  I know there's a lot of painting services out there, but I'd like to be different, in that my byword is GRIMDARK.  You won't find me airbruhsing pink & yellow Fire Warriors and I make no shame of my atrocious blending.  I'm not really a wargamer, I'm an ARTIST, and this is my style, dark as it is.

So, what have I been doing all this time, by Throne?  Making content, I think that's all really.  I can't really be exclusively showing my Sagodjur Fjorlag as examples, can I?

Painting has begun on two major pieces; a Grey Knight Captain and a true-scale child of the 1st legion.  I'll be using these two as examples of finished work, what I'm capable of.
I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the GK!

Also work has begun on the four painting styles I'll be advertising.  I decided on Dark Angels successors for examples as 1: I had some spare push-fit ones from the DV box and 2: they have a nice contrast of dark and light colour on the one model.
But now that I think of it, those push-fit marines have some awful poses...

And also some more custom builds as well as also; the seraphim I've shown here before and a TS Blood Angel, with a heavy flamer just for giggles.  I'll have images of both unpainted and finished to hopefully give people an idea of the work that goes into each figure.
I know of a failsafe method of making true-scale Astartes fairly quickly-- if not cheaply-- so I'll make sure I advertise that too.  Whole squads are possible, you'll need only ask!

I'm tossing a few ideas about concerning a banner and title...  This little faerie is becoming a sort of a mascot now.  Isn't it cute? X3
I haven't really decided on a domain name yet-- or a name, but I know what I'd like; something to do with darkness, scalpels, alters and faerie creatures, perhaps?

So that's that, for now.  A website, how exciting!  I'd like to hear your thoughts on this too, please.  Don't forget to be happy, don't get clinical depression, and remember-- when you cut off the back vents of a GK body, try not to use your thumb as a cushion.

Bye bye for now.

Day 8: it still hasn't closed over...


  1. Fair play to you. Never an easy one to go into that.

    1. As I've found. But it's getting there; I think the worst of it is learning HTML in general...

  2. Good luck with the commission work. Your style definitely fits with a niche of our hobby, but one you do well and I haven't seen others offer. Let us know when it goes live!