Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Assembling/converting canoness Veridyan #2: It is done

Well, it wasn't the most expensive kitbash I've done, but it was certainly the most intense.  Who'd have thought the canoness would be finecast?  Throne, but I've finished her now and painting was a complete joy.

Part 1, assembly (and a whole lot of other things) can be found here.

 Weathering went on...

And here we are! quite pleased with how she's turned out --when am I not?  No, this one in particular I'm very very happy with, almost as much as when I finished my mascot

Obligatory photo with blog mascot, Alone with a Dream himself:

And lastly, a reminder of the character I based the kitbash on:

So that's that!  What drove me to make a perfectly good canoness into something like this?

Because I could XD


Dear Mr Blanche:

I've wanted to thank you in some way, but as you're so far away I'll just write a thank-you in this blog post for others to read.  Your artwork and your style has been a great influence to me over the years, even outside of the wargaming hobby, and I wanted to thank you for being yourself.  Thank you for not listening to your art lecturers (more or less) and pursuing your dark visions; if it wasn't for you, I doubt Warhammer would be anywhere near where it is now, you know.

Thank you again.  Bye bye for now.

D Power


  1. Fantastic :-) I love the contrast between the two wings.

    1. Thanks! It symbolizes a twisting of the norm; something I seem to do rather a lot ;)

  2. I totally missed the build post, but what drove you to use XActo blades you sadistic fool! XD assuming that's not your actual blood decorating her wings, she is incredible. Not just the conversion but also the wings and armor look amazing.

    1. My my, whatever made you think that? XD She was already a pretty special piece, she needed a special kitbash to make the chopping up worth it!