Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Imperial knight #5 milestone

Here he is!  Gearish Rose, the third Cadmus IK to walk off the altar this year.
Yeah, posing was quite a feat, I'm sure, but I felt a lot more comfortable with painting... probably because Gearish is a lot dirtier than his siblings.

The wake of butchery Gearish has carved through the annals of Cadmus history is startling in contrast to the glory his more reserved siblings seem to simply radiate; ingrained malice with the towering intelligence of his family, coupled with the burning desire to match the legend of his Astartes elder brother makes Gearish a terrifying prospect on the battlefield, almost as much a threat to his allies as the foes his guns destroy piecemeal.

The melta/battle cannon are magnetized above the elbow, a far easier-- if more bits-heavy-- prospect than my first attempts at magnetizing the muzzles.  It certainly helps having spare IK kits to hand.

Joe asked for some Alpha legionnaires for victims of what we started calling "The Stomp", they were a lot of fun.  This must be the most 30K I've done so far!  I know, I'm an idiot... 

And like his knight, Gearish himself is as mad and grimy as his reputation.  Leaving much of his house's heraldry to rust away, he has instead devoted his energy to such charming personal touches as a rock drill to his preferred stomping foot.

So that's that!  For the record, here are the other two Cadmus IKs of house Rose:

IK the first
And the Lancer

Bye bye for now.


  1. I'm just beyond words !! The write is amazing and the foot man the foot !! Hot dog love this mean machine !

    1. I hope he will serve you well, once he arrives :)

  2. Love the addition of the drill in the knights foot! Love the pose (how does he not tip over!)! Love the paintjob!

    1. A lot of brass rods, epoxy glue and greenstuff, in secret proportions! Thanks!

  3. Awesome work, man! Great little vignette - the drill on the foot is a great touch!

  4. Because it wasn't going to hurt enough already! Nice posing, must have been tricky.