Monday, 9 April 2018

I'm drilling my barrels now

It was a hard decision whether to finally do what I KNEW was best for me and the hobby as a whole, but after years of servere deliberation, I have done the right thing.

Yeah, as the title says, I'm drilling my barrels.

 The simple brilliance of it astounds me, really.  I thought it's take some drastic experimentation (like using body parts or, heck, real blood) to improve my kitbashing skills... This, however, was quite unprecedented!  Look at this picture, a side-by-side of three weapons with their barrels whole, then the same options below with barrels drilled:

The improvement is uncanny!
And you know what?  It's even improved my morale and skill in general!  Who would have thought I would start assembling masterpieces just based on a simple trick as a few holes?


 Bye bye for now.

I've got a dirty thumb.


  1. I do prefer the look of drilled barrels for sure. Doesn't seem to have been quite so drastic a change for me though.

    1. Now the fever's cleared and I'm reading back through... How did I find this funny? Sarcasm is the hardest emotion to portray online.

  2. Haha! It is a little thing, but does really make the models look better in the long run. :D

    1. For so long I considered it TO little a thing, but now mine eyes are opened.