Monday, 21 May 2018

Urien & grotesques WiP: also Nurgle almost had me

So for the last while (not including the past few days... you'll know why in a moment) I've been scouring my bits box to make three grotesques and Urien Rakarth for a client.  If anything, it's made me realise I need to restock on unorthodox purchases like vargeists and such! 

Introducing (from left) Tom, Bert and William.  Please don't laugh at Tom, he was part of a subway accident.

For Urien himself, I've used several poxwalkers as a base.  Still working on what I should use for his tentacley bits, and OH NO I'M OUT OF GREENSTUFF!!!!!1!!1!!AGAIN!!!!!1

And that wasn't the end of the week's bad luck.

So last Wednesday afternoon I think it was, I started getting an odd sort of pain when I walked.  By the time I left work I almost couldn't sit on my motorbike, and that night I couldn't sleep for the magnanimous fever which had literally taken minutes to spring upon me, however fevers work.
Turns out, come Thursday morning, I had the most horrible infection ever a man could get.  Oof.  And don't think I picked it up from anyone, I'm what they call "grey ace"; look it up.

Once my immunity had dropped, old Pappy Nurgle found out I was unwell and he started sending me all these presents to make me feel... loved, I suppose, if not better.  It was like a bunch of "Don't Get Well" presents.

Before long it felt like I had every ailment The home physician describes and was hopelessly stuck in bed; only this morning (Tuesday) have I been able to hobble out and do a bit of constructive stuff.  Thanks, Nurgle.  No, my Chapter is STILL loyalist, and no I WON'T collect Death Guard.

If there was one good thing that came of the fevers, it made for some, um... unique characters for my second novel, like this chap below, the Blue Scissorknight.

And that's that!  I'm hoping to be well enough to get back to work on Friday (thank Throne for understanding employers!!) and by that time I will be clean enough to approach the Sago altar once again and continue kitbashing.  Here's hoping, anyway.

Bye bye for now.

What the fevered mind of a madman thinks is a decent suit of armour


  1. Getting knocked out of commission by Grandpappy Nurgle is never fun. Nor is running out of crucial hobby supplies. Best of luck on getting both of those situations sorted out soon!

    1. Thanks, will try. Funny how it seems greenstuff's getting more and more expensive...

    2. Also, just remembered to post this when I saw your sign-off post: Grey Ace is hands down the coolest name for a sexuality. I just get cookware jokes when I mention mine ;)