Tuesday 18 November 2014

Rambling thoughts on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

For my second post, I wished to write something at least a little substantial, so I decided I would ramble at bit about one of my favorite games of all time-- Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Please note-- one, this is my opinion, mine alone, and if you disagree that's okay; and two, extreme spoiler alert... I know some people haven't played it yet.

As I didn't actually own a Wii or Gamecube at the time, I borrowed  one from a friend; he kindly let me keep it until I had won the game, which all up took about forty hours, and those were the best forty hours of my gaming life spent.
I know the game is hated by many people for its linear structure in comparison to the rest of the series, but that was one point I liked so much; it was a novel.  The focus was on the main plot, which was not the most clear of plots, but still...  Owing to its more linear style, I would not recommend it to somebody new to the Zelda series, but why did I bring that up?

Puzzle-solving left a little to be desired, but I tried not to let it bother me.  Actually, I loved pretty much every aspect of the game except for the water temple and fishing.
After catching my first two fish by sheer luck, I resorted  to Google to find out how to fish properly.  Amusingly, it seems to be the only one set thing in the Hero of Time's personality, the fact that he likes fishing. 

Oh, Link's face when he entered Hena's shop was priceless.

And horse-back combat-!  Those were some of the best combat scenes, in my opinion.

The twilight realm was presented in such a way, as if you already knew it existed, rather than having it the main gimmick of the game which now that I think of it might have been... The architectural design there was strange, but it was only to be expected.  the atmosphere of the twilight in general was amazing, too; being one of those mad people who like to photograph clouds and sunsets, you may understand my fascination.
Twilight, which brings me to the subject of Midna.
Come on, who doesn't love a grotesque, imp-like creature who finds madness and death amusing?

Except that face...

I didn't like her at all to begin with. I thought her appearance was unfitting to the story at that point and her selfish manner irritated me indefinitely-- more than did Navi, in fact.  But it didn't detract from the game at all; just a bossy, princessy person who was annoying and could be dealt with.

As time passed, she became bearable, and when she eventually got her act together and decided to help Link, I was quite relieved.  To see her finally warm up to him was pretty special, too.

The last fight with Ganondorf caught me off guard.  In the past Zelda games, when Ganon is the antagonist, it was always Ganon who Link fights last.  To cross blades with the Gerudo prince himself was something I had always hoped for, but never really expected.  I think it to be among the my top favorite boss battles of all time, Ganon from Ocarina of Time being better.

And I'll admit it, the ending sequence did bring tears to my eyes.  I know, I'm mad.  But it was all so beautifully portrayed-!

In closing, TP was my favorite Wii game ever and possibly my favorite Zelda title.  I made a lot of  memories across Hyrule Field that I will remember for a good long while.  And Midna's character development was utterly precious to watch.

There we are-- my unashamedly biased ramble concerning Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Thank you for reading.

Favorite scene

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