Wednesday 30 August 2017

Commission work: Cypher & Imperial Knight #4 finished!

 QUICK NOTICE FIRSTLY:  The cut-off of the Astronomica "competition" will be extended to the 10th September.  Just so you know.  Alright, picture time!

Right, so my 4th IK and 2nd Cadmus knight and first resin kit is finished!  I never liked green before, but it's growing on me, you know?

Lady Luci Ann, knight lancer of house Cadmus, and I must say she's quite elegant to be sure.

There was a shield involved... I couldn't help myself, I had to put it the "right" way up.

And here she is, lady Ann herself.  It's an odd thing that two of three interiors I've decorated so far have had female pilots (the third being a summoner).

Also, along with the Lancer, a dark figure appears...  Yes, I got a second shot a Cypher too!

I used my tried and true tin cape recipe, and a paint scheme with so many steps I've sort of forgotten what I used... whoops.

My 1st go; not quite so desperately grim
So there we are!  This is why I've been neglecting my blog for so long.  Partially.  I'm still up for taking commissions if you're interested, remember that!  Just flick me an email @

See you again in six months time, hee hee.  Bye bye for now.