Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Aborted Sanctity

Something wicked this way comes...

Well now.  I really Will Not Get Anything Finished At All.  My my, what am I thinking, buying this?

... Oh whatever!
 It's been on my mind to get one, ever since I finished my first IK.  It was nice having a fairly approachable WiP to continually return to and do a little bit here and there, and when I finished the White Rose, my crowded workbench felt oddly empty... So there we are.  Also, getting a Warden kit means next time I can get a paladin and make another variant.

First impressions on the instruction book; slightly negative, I'm sorry to say.. One is made to feel very foolish with the instructions.  They tell  spoonfeed one where one should glue, for one.  And the painting instruction on the back-!  I know I've only been with GW since 6th ed, but I'm not a child and this isn't meant to be a child's hobby.  At least, that's how I feel.

Oh, I feel like a child
So you shade leadbelcher with nuln oil? Ooooh nooo, I thought you used typhus corrosion...
But that's just the instructions.  The kit is AMAZING to look upon, I know it'll be a joy to assemble.

So this will be the next big project.  Aborted Sanctity, Knight Warden under house Silenzi.  I scribbled down a few notes concerning the work involved, notes being;

I don't know what I want yet.  I like the icarus autocannon, but I'll be making the missile pod also.

So that's that.  Knight warden, next big project.  More updates on their eventual way; please watch this space, do!


Oh, last thing; I will be making an interior with a pilot.  I'll be using this classic IG psyker.

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