Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Random hobby update: I'm baaack! I also moved

Hallo everyone!  I'm back, and I'm not dead! Okay, I'll get a decent post up soon, detailing EVERY SINGLE THING I've been doing during my end of year "silent running", but first I'll just throw this up for you too see.

Yar, I've moved!  From rural Nelson too... rural Nelson.  It wasn't that big of a jump, truth be told, but when you've set up your man cave Just how you like it, any move is destructive.

Here's my old workspace.  What you can't see is all the boxes I used to contain my sprue in surrounding the stool, so I could swivel and grab just like that-- whoosh.

...And here it is after stuff's been moved.  Among all the other things I found in the detritus was... I don't know, I might suffer from Diogenes syndrome.  Swags of transfer sheets I knew from the start I'd never use but kept them anyway!

Here's the fabled Sago altar, out in the daylight for the first time in... what, eight years?  Ten?  Those mega bloks on the corner were super-glued on there, and took rather a lot of kicking to get off XD

A few of you might've already seen these, I put them up on G+ a while ago.  Only very slightly extremely terrifying prospect.  I had to invest in eight hundreds sets of drawers to contain all the sprue-- NO!  NO I'm NOT cutting all the bits off into little containers!  Half the fun for me is searching the sprue!  I am HAPPY to invest in eight hundred sets of drawers, muahahahaha!

Here's another thing I found in the old place.  I remember wanting to keep the empties for some elaborate joke involving that birthday scene from the 1st Harry Potter film; "How many are there?"  "36, counted them myself-" etc.
Seven IKs, though!  I believe five of them were commissions.

And so, here's a badly lit shot of the new space!

I'll be officially re-opening for commissions soon, once I've got things a little under control.  Expect a full update post soon (or later) with everything that's been going on:  books about to be published, a potential webcomic on the way, more social media outlets... all sorts.  Stay tuned!

Bye bye for now.


  1. Seven Imperial Knights... I'm struggling to finish one! Happy New Year :-)

    1. Oh, I never said I'D finished seven either! ;D Many happy returns.