Sunday 19 February 2017

Hobby update: yeah, still going...

Firstly, sorry for the sporadic posting.  It's all rather busy and hot down on this little island--Throne, but has it been hot!  Being New Zealand, the weather shouldn't be that much to complain about, but at the end of the day 30 is still 30 and paint still dries on the bristles and I've known no different.  I've been getting up earlier to get some commission work in before the heat drops.

Random pictures of six-thirty-in-the-morning traffic in my neighborhood...  Even the roadsigns are still asleep...

Right!  You're here for the update, not my complaining!  So, not much has changed since last time.  Here we are:

Firstly, my squaduary project looks a little more respectable, what with everyone basecoated and washed now.

 The statue of Konrad Curze, after getting some more sensible weapons swapped in, is nearing completion.

  The menagerie of spawn are getting painted by inches too.  Everyone's a different colour, how charming.  I'm still scratching my head over what colours exactly to use on the chap in the middle with dreadlocks...

Here's six out of the ten scenery effects I'm obliged to make at the failure of coming up with a sound idea for a "skinning pit"; I hope Jimmy will like them; these little dioramas are rather too much fun to plan out and put together!

The pool at Bethesda is getting there.  So much greenstuff...  intestines are particularily fun to sculpt, and I'm very glad for my experience in slaughtering.   I've pulled out enough guts to know how they deflate when punctured etc, and what a fresh skin looks like on the inside.

Throne, I'm talking about goats and sheep, sorry.

In other news, I'm putting together an Alpha Legion dark apostle to go with the biker lord and the cultists I put together not long ago AND FORGOT TO PHOTOGRAPH WHENFINISHED,TWETNYCULTISTSALLPAINTEDLOOKEDAMAZINGONTHEBENCH (Breathe in)  The client's given me the fullest range possible, requesting only that he be given a power maul, so yeah, world's my oyster once again.  I like my Alpha Legionnaires to be cloaked and hooded.

Let's dance, traitors!

And on a less serious note, a fellow G+ 40K/Bayonetta enthusiast mentioned something about making an Inquisitor based on our favorite Umbran witch.  how could I turn that idea down, busy as I am?
She'll be getting ammo feeds from her boots to hoppers either side of the jump pack.  Magick or not, if there's one thing I dislike about Platinum-- it's their cosmo guns!

So that's that, for the time being.  More paint got slapped around and I began more projects, fool that I am.  Again, sorry for the sporadic posting.

Bye bye for now.

painting continues outside the realm of 40K...


  1. Man, your sculpting and converting skills never cease to amaze me - it's all so close to the origins of 40k with all the john Blanche artwork! Ever thought of doing some necromunda pit slaves? This style would be perfect for them! 👌

    1. Thank you! I've never really tried Necromunda (being born too late and all that) so I'm not really sure what's expected... I was tempted to try after seeing Bruticus' gang over at Ex Profundis, though. If I would, I think I'd make mine out of ogres and skaven.

  2. Wow that was quite a bumper update, well played.

    You need to do up some tutorials of how you do these conversions.

    1. Tutorials...? That's a thought. Just a little something to give people the creative push they'd need.